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Spring 2020 Schedule

Our regular spring semester schedule runs from Monday, January 27-May 13, 2020, and you can make appointments on it now. The schedule is currently available as Spring 2020 (please make sure you select that in ored to make an appointment). The Winter 2020 Schedule goes until Friday, January 24; until then, it is the default schedule for the Center.  The Spring Schedule will be available in the new year.


NEW Wellness Initiative - Aromatherapy

We are introducing aromatherapy to boost our patrons' concentration and overall sense of well-being. For a few hours during the day, we are diffusing two types of essential oils (a citrus blend and a balancing blend). If you have any scent sensitity that could be negatively afffected by essential oil diffusion, please let us know ahead of time, so we can make sure that the diffuser is turned off when you come to the Writing Center. Please call 410-706-7725 or email us at


3rd Floor Construction in the Campus Center

The 3rd floor of the SMC Campus Center is currently undergoing renovation. A significant part of that work is demolition work, and it is hapening right next to Writng Center. We will remain open during this time of renovation, but we might need to move face-to-face consultations on an ad-hoc basis to a different location in the building or to the library.


Scheduling Tips
  • New to the Writing Center? Please read our consultation philosophy.
  • Having trouble scheduling an appointment or accessing an online tutorial? Please check out our how-to guide.
  • Working on a group paper? Please email the Center directly.
  • Want to attach your paper to your appointment? Click the file folder under your name to upload the document.
  • Appointments last up to 50 minutes and can be scheduled up to two weeks in advance.
  • You can make one appointment per day and two appointments per week. If you feel that you need more, please email our director Dr. Isabell May.
  • We stronlgy recommend to not make appointments for the same day your paper is due. The impact of our feedback will be limited if you don's have sufficient time to revise your work.
  • Is everything booked? Click on the clock icon by the date to put yourself on our waiting list.
  • You have until 24 hours before your appointment to cancel. After this, all cancellations will be counted as no-shows.
  • After two no-shows, you will no longer be able to book appointments until you are cleared by admistrative staff.
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